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New Website

Check out our new website @ Don't worry about updating your bookmarks, in a few short weeks the old site will automatically redirect to our new one.

Fall Ball Registration

Fall Ball registration is now open using our new registration site. You can learn more and register at


Time is running out to register for the upcoming 2018 season! We have a lot to be excited about this year! We have new uniforms coming! Cross over games with NFWB! Batting cages being built! Plus there are no bat requirements like other leagues around us! We just saved you over $100 right there! Tell your friends and sign up today!

2018 Registration Open

2018 Registration is now open for business....

You can learn more about the divisions in our league by visiting the information page at and you can also register at

Coaches - Field MaintenanceLakes Athletic Association needs everyone's help in keeping our fields in great condition.  This is why the following items are mandatory for all coaches after each game: 
How to Choose Your Bat How to Choose Your Bat Few decisions impact your game as much as choosing the perfect bat. You want a bat thats the right size, right weight and right length for youand within your budget. Improvements in technology have given todays ball players more options than ever, so youre sure to find a bat that feels like it w

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