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Want to learn more about Lakes Area Baseball?

Ready to register right now, then register at If you need more info, we've gathered a few questions that may help you with your decision to play with Lakes Area Baseball. If you've got a question that we haven't already answered, you can contact us on Facebook @ as well as email @

How do I register?

  • Click the link here
  • Use your existing login OR click Begin New Registration
  • Complete the information sections (you must do this for each player you register)
  • Select the division for your player
  • Pay using our secure online checkout at the end of registration
  • Still have questions, contact us on Facebook or email

What sets Lakes Baseball apart?

  • Coaches rated 4.6 out of 5 stars by player parents
  • All Star crossover against North Farmington Hills league
  • Newly installed batting cages
  • Player progression from house to travel with Lakes Competitive Baseball (LCB Legends)

When does the 2018 season start?

  • Practices start in early April
  • Opening Day is April 21st, 2018 (TBall begins in May)
  • Championship Games are June 16th, 2018

Where are games played?

  • Hickory Glen Park, Commerce, MI (view map)

What time are games?

  • 2 games a week (on rare occasions there could be a 3rd game)
  • Monday & Wednesday nights at 6:15pm
  • Saturday mornings starting around 9am

What time are practices?

  • Practices are left up to the individual coach
  • In most cases, there will be 2 practices a week before games start, once games start, practices are usually on either Monday or Wednesday night when there isn't a game.

What is the inter-league play?

  • Lakes Athletics has partnered with North Farmington Hills league for each team to play 1 game per week as a “crossover" game
  • Home team rules will be used during the game

Is there a multiplayer discount for families?

  • 2nd player receives $10 total family discount
  • 3rd player receives $60 total family discount
  • 4th player receives $110 total family discount

FAQs for 6U (T-Ball @ $135)

  • Children aged 5 and 6 yrs old
  • Start on a tee and progress to coach pitch
  • 4 outfielders
  • Coaches in the field for instruction
  • Games begin first week in May

FAQs for 8U (Player / Coach Pitch @ $150)

  • Children aged 7 and 8 yrs old
  • 6 yr olds can try out for 8U -- coaches discretion
  • 3 innings of coach pitch, 3 innings of player pitch -- no walks
  • Player pitches to until batter hits / strikes out / walks -- coach pitches up to 3 pitches after walk
  • 4 outfields
  • Coaches in the field for instruction

FAQs for 10U (Player Pitch @ $155)

  • Children aged 9 and 10 yrs old
  • 8 yr olds can try out for 10U -- coaches discretion
  • Players pitch entire game -- walks allowed
  • 3 outfielders
  • Stealing (no lead offs) is permitted -- cannot steal home

FAQs for 12U / 14U / 16U (Full Baseball @ $160 & up)

  • Players pitch entire game -- walks allowed
  • Lead offs and stealing allowed -- including stealing home

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